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High Blood Pressure Specialist


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High blood pressure can be a phantom. It’s often labeled “the silent killer” because many people don’t know they have it until it causes serious health problems. The RescueMD team in Allen Texas, offers routine screenings for high blood pressure as well as customized treatments to bring your readings down to healthy levels. Call today to book a visit, or spend a few moments on the online scheduling page.

High Blood Pressure Q&A

What is high blood pressure?

Patient getting blood pressure measured

The best way to understand high blood pressure, also called hypertension, is to think about how your blood circulation system works. Each time your heart beats, it pumps blood into your arteries, creating pressure against your arteries’ walls.

The pressure on your artery walls during each heartbeat is called systolic blood pressure. The pressure in the pause between heartbeats is called diastolic blood pressure. Readings are displayed as systolic pressure over diastolic pressure.

When your arteries become narrowed, your heart has to work harder to move blood through your system. Your readings go up, and the higher they go, the greater your risk of developing a wide range of health problems.

What are the health risks of high blood pressure?

High blood pressure has been linked to many serious health problems. In fact, there are few organs and systems in your body that aren’t harmed by high blood pressure.

The health risks of high blood pressure include:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Vision loss
  • Cognitive (thinking) problems
  • Kidney disease
  • Heart failure
  • Sexual dysfunction (erection dysfunction and others)
  • Aneurysm
  • Metabolic syndrome

This is far from a complete list. High blood pressure can complicate many of your body’s systems and processes. Fortunately, screening for high blood pressure is simple, noninvasive, and readily available. At-home blood pressure monitors allow you to track your readings every day.

How is high blood pressure treated?

Medications often play a role in treating high blood pressure. Some drugs work by helping your body clear sodium and water. Others prevent your blood vessels from producing the chemicals that limit blood flow.

Some medications slow your heart rate, and others expand blood vessels to improve blood flow. It often takes a combination of drugs to reach the best possible improvement. A trial-and-error period will probably be needed to determine the best drug therapy for your specific needs.

It’s impossible to overstate the role that changing your lifestyle can play in reducing high blood pressure. Losing excess weight is a great place to start, and improving your nutrition and increasing physical activity can do wonders to lower blood pressure.

The RescueMD team offers personalized blood pressure treatment services. That process begins with a thorough physical exam, so call today to book a visit or schedule online in just moments.

We are located in Allen, TX but are available to serve patients from Frisco, Mckinney, Plano, Dallas and surrounding areas of Texas