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Annual Pap Smear and Gyn Exam


At RescueMD, the specialists prioritize women's health through comprehensive annual gynecological exams. The experienced healthcare providers offer a range of services, including pap smears and gynecological consultations, to ensure their patients in Allen, Texas, and surrounding areas receive the highest standard of care. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call the office or reach out online.


Annual Pap Smear and Gyn Exam Q & A

What is a gynecological exam?

A gynecological exam, also known as a well-woman exam or pelvic exam, is a routine medical check-up designed to assess a woman's reproductive health and overall well-being. 


During this exam, a RescueMD healthcare provider reviews your medical history, discusses any concerns, and conducts physical examinations to evaluate the health of the reproductive organs.

Why are annual pap smears and gynecological exams important?

Annual pap smears and gynecological exams offer numerous benefits for women's health:

  1. Early Detection of Abnormalities: Regular screenings, including pap smears, help detect abnormal changes in cervical cells early, allowing for timely intervention and treatment.
  2. Preventive Care: Gynecological exams provide an opportunity for preventive care, including screening for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), contraceptive counseling, and health promotion education.
  3. Overall Well-Being: These exams allow healthcare providers to address concerns, provide support, and offer guidance on various aspects of women's health, contributing to overall well-being.

What happens during a gynecological exam?

During a gynecological exam, patients can expect the following:

Medical History Review

The healthcare provider reviews the patient's medical history, including past surgeries, medications, and family history of gynecological issues.

Discussion of Concerns

Patients have the opportunity to discuss any specific concerns or symptoms related to their reproductive health, menstrual cycle, contraception, or sexual activity.

Physical Examination

  • Breast Exam: A clinical breast exam is conducted to check for any abnormalities or changes in the breasts and underarm areas.
  • Pelvic Exam: The healthcare provider assesses the reproductive organs by visually inspecting the external genitalia and performing a speculum exam to visualize the cervix. Samples may be collected for pap smears and STI testing, and a manual examination of the uterus and ovaries may be performed.

Cervical Cancer Screening

Pap smears are performed to detect abnormal cervical cell changes that may indicate precancerous or cancerous conditions, with the frequency depending on age and risk factors.

Contraceptive Counseling

Providers discuss contraceptive options based on the patient's health status, lifestyle, and preferences.

STI Testing

Testing for STIs may be recommended based on age, sexual history, and risk factors.

Health Promotion and Counseling

Patients receive counseling and education on various aspects of women's health, including menstrual health, safe sex practices, and menopausal symptoms.

Follow-Up Recommendations

Based on exam findings, recommendations for follow-up care, testing, or referrals to specialists may be provided.

An annual gynecological exam at RescueMD ensures that women receive preventive care, screening, and counseling tailored to their individual needs. Schedule your appointment today to prioritize your reproductive health and overall well-being.


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