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Primary Care Specialist


Internists & Obesity Medicine located in Allen, TX

RescueMD offers primary care services such as preventive medicine, sick visits, physical exams, diabetes care, high blood pressure, wellness visits, medicare visits, ekg and spirometry testing, lab testing, immunizations and vaccinations.

Primary care is the starting point of all health services. Finding a great practitioner can help you reach and maintain excellent health. The internal medicine specialists at RescueMD in Allen, Texas, offer top-quality primary care services and accept new patients. Booking a visit is as simple as a phone call or a few moments on the online booking page, so don’t delay.

Primary Care Q&A

What is primary care?

Patient getting primary care

Primary care is a term used to describe the entry point into all health and wellness services. If you consider every medical professional you’ll ever need as part of your team, then your primary care provider acts as the coach who coordinates all aspects of your health and wellness.

If you’re like most people, the majority of visits with your primary care provider will be routine physical exams. These visits offer the chance to track your health and wellness and get the screenings you need to thrive.

If you have a chronic health problem, your primary care physician works to manage your condition. Your doctor works with you to design a customized treatment plan. The plan will focus on improving your quality of life and potentially eliminating the health risks and repercussions associated with your chronic health concern.

Why is primary care so important?

Primary care focuses on preventive medicine, an area of medical practice that seeks to prevent all kinds of chronic diseases before they arise. This approach doesn’t only prevent problems like heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep disorders. It also improves the way you feel during normal days and nights.

It’s also helpful to establish a trusting bond with your primary care practitioner well before a serious health problem arises. Knowing where to turn if and when an illness or injury happens can make it far less stressful to deal with diagnosis and treatment.

How should I choose a primary care provider?

Finding the right primary care doctor isn’t always as easy as you might assume. The best pairings are ones where you feel comfortable working in partnership to support and improve your health and wellness.

Be sure to find a primary care doctor who shares your health care approach. Some providers are more willing than others to support alternative medicine treatment. So if this area of health care is essential to you, be sure to ask prospective providers how they feel about these treatments.

Communication style is also an essential part of building a solid professional relationship with a health care practitioner. Search for a doctor willing to listen to your concerns and answer your questions thoroughly.

If you’re looking for a primary care provider with extensive experience and a warm and personable nature, schedule a visit at RescueMD today. Online booking is one option, or you can always call to check appointment availability.

We are located in Allen, TX but are available to serve patients from Frisco, Mckinney, Plano, Dallas and surrounding areas of Texas