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What Do We Know About Heart Diseases in Women?

Like men, women are also at risk of heart disease. In the USA, 60 million women suffer from some sort of heart complication. These complications can go unnoticed for a long time because of the overlapping symptoms with other diseases. This is why women must get their heart health checked regularly. This will help in diagnosing a heart-related disease early in time.

Several diseases are related to the heart. The causes behind these diseases may include family history, obesity, or a sedentary lifestyle. There are a whole lot of medications and surgical procedures that can help you combat these diseases. In this article, we will talk about the symptoms of heart disease in women, the most common risk factors, and the types of heart diseases in women.

Symptoms of Heart Diseases in Women 

The most common symptoms of heart disease overlap with many other diseases. These symptoms include:

These symptoms may differ in each woman, as many underlying conditions regarding heart diseases are at play. These symptoms may be normally more frequent in women over 40. At this stage, women should regularly visit a doctor and keep their health in check. 

Risk Factors of Heart Diseases in Women 

The most common risk factors for heart disease in women include:

Common Heart Diseases in Women

Heart failure is a serious condition in which the heart has become too weak to function and pump blood. Even though the name suggests failure, it does not mean that the heart has stopped working completely. 

It is a condition in which the heart beats irregularly. The heart may beat too fast, too slow, or just fluctuate. 

The type of heart disease in which the wall of the arteries is lined with plaque. This causes a decreased blood flow, which may cause a heart attack. Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in women, especially in menopausal women. 


In conclusion, women are at a risk of developing heart disease like any other disease. Women should, therefore, regularly go to the doctor for a thorough check-up. A healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet has been shown to help combat the risk of heart disease for all genders and ages.

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